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5 Stars
R. and S. Davis

When it seemed that the world was crashing in on us, MASA was there to pick up the financial burden of the ambulance services. After unknowingly contracting COVID-19 on a cruise ship in early March, the bills began to pile up when negative testing still ended up with three ambulance trips to two hospitals in our area. …it was a huge blessing to be notified that MASA had paid for the ambulance services.

We had purchased the MASA policy because we frequently traveled out-of-country. It was ironic that we would need the services while in the USA… What a joy it was to have the cost of ambulance services taken care of without question or any hassle. It only took one phone call to our agent…and he took care of the rest.

Getting the confirmation that the bill had been paid saved us the cost of a significant bill. We are very thankful we had the opportunity to purchase this insurance several years ago and would definitely recommend this service to those who travel or stay at home. One never knows when it will be needed. I feel much safer now in our latter years to know we have MASA coverage.

- R. and S. Davis

M. Remschel

Thank you for your letter informing me of your payment for my ambulance transportation. My husband and I joined MASA quite a few years ago. When he died in 2008, I kept my Plan and upgraded it as I am old and feel the only way I will travel at all is with the security of knowing you have my back!

I appreciate your service and think it is so important, especially for elderly travelers… Just knowing you are there for someone is so comforting and leaves you free to enjoy your travels with no worries… Thank you again.

- M. Remschel

C. Harvey

Thank you for your personal letter notifying me my account had been paid in full. It is a rare courtesy provided by any insurance company and one I greatly appreciate, especially since the debt owed was more than $68,000.

It is my considered opinion that no one really knows how good any insurance truly is, be it home, vehicle, or health, until an event occurs that causes one to submit a claim to said insurance. When I laid flat on my back in my local emergency room and was informed the neck injury that brought me there was serious and significant enough to warrant another ambulance trip to the Barnes-Jewish Hospital ER in St. Louis, I knew bills were going to follow. When I was informed I needed to be flown because of the nature of the neck injury and was facing possible surgery the same night, I was glad I had medical insurance. I hoped the MASA ambulance insurance I had purchased would meet the need. When bad weather that night led the ER doctor to call "Survival Flight" for help, rather than using the helicopter parked just outside the hospital doors, I became concerned. I only half-jokingly asked the attending nurse if I was going to have to sell my house to pay for this flight. She said, “No," that my (medical) insurance would pay for it. She was sure of that, believing if the doctor had ordered it, the insurance had to pay for it. I was not as confident, nor did I know if this kind of flight service was included in my MASA coverage. These things only come to light after an incident.

Claims for both medical care and all ambulance services, including "Survival Flight," were submitted to my health insurance. MASA also received the ambulance claims. What the local ER physician of 20+ years’ experience and the St. Louis ER neurosurgeon determined there was a medical emergency based on the digital images of my neck and a pending need for surgery was denied multiple times by my insurance company as a non-medical emergency.

In complete contrast, the President of MASA personally called me in my home and let me know the claim had been received. He said, "We’ll take care of this." I shared my concern that I might need to sell my house… but he put my mind completely at ease. He explained that my kind of situation was exactly the reason MASA ambulance insurance existed: to provide medical transport coverage to people of any income level so that no accident resulted in exorbitant financial charges beyond a patient’s ability to pay. His call was short, but oh, so sweet and totally authentic. Because it was so far from the norm, I have been sharing my experience and his message since that day with many others.

When a "Survival Flight" rep called me three or so months after the event to let me know my medical insurance company had still rejected their claim, I reminded her, "I have ambulance insurance. Call Nichole at MASA." After seeing that she had your name and number in her notes, she hung up. And that is the last I heard of my bill for $68,000+ until I received your letter stating, "…your account has been paid in full."

My personal experience with the complete authenticity and dependability of MASA medical transport insurance was shared with my school superintendent, who also shared it with teachers and staff at a group meeting, as well as with school board members. When the opportunity to enroll was presented again the following year, everyone was reminded that no one knows when this emergency need will arise. MASA insurance is too affordable and too important for anyone not to have a reason.

I have emailed friends and talked 1-on-1 with many to let them know of the vital difference having MASA ambulance insurance made for me. Since my town is a center for "Air Evac," I have tried to explain the difference between having a specific type of helicopter transport insurance with limited coverage and having MASA medical transport insurance, which covers ground and air, both helicopter and airplane. It meets the need of the patient in word and deed, on paper and in action.

Thank you, MASA, for personally coming to my little school in rural Missouri to make your insurance available and affordable to me, a retired teacher. Thank you for coming through for me with 100% of your promise when the moment I never expected to happen happened. My gratitude and positive words of appreciation will never cease.

- C. Harvey

B. Mahaffey

Thank you so much for paying my ambulance bill. It's a big help to me. You were so nice taking care of my bill. Thank you!

- B. Mahaffey

K. Jorgensen

I am thrilled that I joined MASA. It is probably the smartest thing I have ever done! Last year I was flown from my ER to a hospital 200 miles away. It was a scary time, but I never had to worry about the transportation costs. As a matter of fact I never saw a bill for the airplane, which I later found out cost $79,999. I did receive a small bill for the ambulance transportation, but I sent it to MASA and it was also covered.

Living in a small town with limited hospitals and doctors, made me decide that MASA would be a very wise choice. I have heard too many horror stories from friends of being flown out of town for medical care and then getting hit with a massive bill for the transportation. I have told all my friends about MASA and many have joined after hearing of my experience. I will continue to encourage people to join, as it really is a smart choice! Thank you MASA for being there!

- K. Jorgensen

P. Ciceri

Without my MASA Plan, I would have had to finance the payments for the ambulance trips for quite some time. I am extremely grateful that I made the decision to join MASA several years ago.

Not only were they there when I needed help in this instance but several times in the past I have traveled outside the United States and Canada and by making prior arrangements I knew that if I ever faced a medical emergency MASA would be there for me.

Thank you MASA. I'm a member for life.

- P. Ciceri

J. Richter

My husband and I purchased MASA several years ago when we decided to go on the road in our motorhome full time. It was the best decision that we ever made. It gives PEACE OF MIND. We would truly recommend MASA. We had to call on their services several times and they were always there to help. Thank you all so much.

- J. Richter

N. Tobey

My husband and I are lifetime members of MASA and were very pleased that the residual cost of my ambulance service was fully paid by MASA.

This was the first time that we used your service and we are so grateful that we became MASA members when we did. As we age, the potential for needing the services offered by MASA will increase. Knowing that MASA will cover the expenses incurred at the time of need is a great relief. Thanks again for taking care of my ambulance bill.

- N. Tobey

J. Armstrong

Thanks to MASA for paying the bill. We like MASA so much that we have purchased Lifetime Plans for each of our four children. One of them has had to use it and it worked out well. Thanks again.

- J. Armstrong

S. Koerth

After having knee replacement surgery I developed blood clots and had to be transported from the surgery center to the ICU. The 4 minute ambulance ride cost $4500. MASA covered every penny of it. I am so glad I paid for this insurance and I would recommend it to everyone. Ambulances are crazy expensive. Imagine if you need a helicopter to transport you. Thank you MASA

- S. Koerth

M. Field

I've been thinking for days on what words I can use to convey our sentiments upon receipt of your letter telling us that Wendell's two claims were paid in full.

When Wendell had his heart attack in New Mexico and had to be air vac'd back to Arizona I went through so many emotions. One of them was a sense of relief knowing that we had purchased MASA's lifetime plan two years earlier. Although, never having to use it before we were keeping our fingers crossed that what the MASA representative told us of the plan was indeed what we would receive. We didn't need to cross our fingers! MASA delivered just as they said they would. From the first call, I made to your representative initiating the land and air ambulance claims to the follow-up call to make sure MASA and we were on the same page with information, I can't say enough good things. Your claims representatives were professional, courteous, caring and just a pleasure to interact with despite the circumstances.

We, honestly, purchased the service not ever expecting to use it but life likes to throw curveballs at us. It was the best money we ever spent. I sing MASA's praises to anyone and everyone who will listen because MASA is a company that can be trusted to do what they say they will do. Both Wendell and I thank everyone for helping us through a difficult time. Wendell is doing great and we are getting ready to do more traveling but hopefully in our motorhome and not a MASA helicopter.

- M. Field

M. Penrod

This email is long overdue, but I wanted to let you know that we have been satisfied with MASA services and a little history behind how we received it. For Christmas 2017, my parents gave us the MASA coverage and at the time I thought it was a rather unusual gift, and one they said they hope we never needed.

We have health insurance coverage and in our 40's had thankfully never needed the use of medical transport. However, within a couple of months my husband was in an accident that required it and since then I have also had an accident and a health issue in which medical transport was needed. My husband joked to my parents that he didn't want them to feel insulted if we didn't use their gift.

Although reluctant about what it would cover or how complicated the process would be, we have been pleasantly pleased with the ease of making a claim and having it taken care of without there being numerous steps involved. Hopefully, we can go without needing medical transport, but it is reassuring to know that it is there since we can speak first hand of never knowing when something may happen.

- M. Penrod

D. Sgambelluri

I was transported via ambulance to my local hospital after experiencing loss of consciousness and seizures (caused by dehydration). That ambulance ride, although only 10 minutes in duration, was billed to me at $1,683.96.

To spare you the details, my primary insurance company and the ambulance company badly mishandled the billing submission and review of this claim, and before I knew about the problem, too much time had elapsed and, ironically, the insurance company denied the claim because, they maintained, the claim had not been submitted in a timely fashion.

After almost 14 months of multiple phone calls, I was able to prove to the insurance company that the claim was, in fact, submitted within their time frame. They reluctantly reevaluated the claim, and ultimately paid about $300.00. Prior to this event, I had no idea as to how much primary insurance coverage I had to cover the cost of an ambulance transport. I learned the hard way. I was left holding the bag for $1,351.00.

Luckily, I had secondary insurance from MASA to cover costs in excess of those paid by my primary insurance, so I submitted the $1,351.00 claim to MASA. My initial claim to MASA was denied: I learned that claims to MASA have to be submitted within 180 days of service; I was well past that deadline. I called MASA and spoke to a senior vice president. She asked me to submit a written request for an exception to the 180 day deadline. When I heard this, I "assumed" the worst, but submitted a detailed account to MASA describing what had transpired during the prior 15 months.

As I wrote out the summary of events, one thing was clear: my primary insurance company and the ambulance company were at fault, but MASA was not at all responsible for the problem. I thought to myself, "Why would MASA cover this when it's clear that they don't have to?" I was surprised..."shocked" is a better word, to learn that the MASA Senior V.P. had granted an exception based on the unusual circumstances that were beyond my control, but, again, not at all within MASA's realm of responsibility.

This is an example of a company VP doing the "right" thing when she did not have to. Companies have a culture, and too often, we're exposed to the harsh reality of by-the-book companies that don't give an inch, ever. I was so glad that I had the good fortune of having a MASA policy, and will be forever impressed with MASA's flexibility in treating me like a person, instead of a claim number.

My recommendation to anyone is to have insurance to cover the astronomical costs of ground and air transport, and to personally verify that claims have been submitted and received well within the deadlines established by one's insurance company.

- D. Sgambelluri

R. Cofiell

I have been a member for many years and thought I would never use them. Boy, was I wrong. I have used the ambulance about five times so far and Masa has always been there for me.

They paid in full for each time and no hassle whatsoever. Can’t ask for anything better. We had a fifth wheel travel trailer and traveled the roads off of the main highways a lot and if we had to be flown out Masa would have been there for us for sure. It is the best, so if you are thinking of insurance to protect you wherever you are, buy this one. You won’t be sorry.

- R. Cofiell

C. Neely

Unfortunately my husband has required 911 service several times in the last few months, He had to be taken to the main hospital instead of our local smaller one Normally the costs would have put a pinch on our retirement budget but with MASA everything was covered with no problems at all.

We've been members for a very long time and have had to use ambulance services many times. Each time the costs were not a worry because MASA covered them all. It is well worth the peace of mind it gives us having one less thing to be concerned about. Thank you MASA.

- C. Neely

R. and B. Turski

We have been members since 2001. Our daughter insisted we buy into MASA. We traveled the country in an RV and on motorcycle. We also went on cruises. We gave up motorcycle riding as we are both getting to our 80’s. We thought we would never use our MASA card. We never did as we traveled, but we thank God we have it now.

My husband has used it 2 times in the past 2 years, and thank God we do have the amazing MASA card. I could have never picked him up. He was so sick, I called 911 and they were here in no time. I said, "You know we have MASA?" The EMT asked what that was. When I told him, he was surprised. We are so grateful for this great service. It would have cost us near $400 to use their transport alone. This is the best we have bought into MASA. Anyone our age really needs this service. Thank you.

- R. and B. Turski

J. Laas

As I have told so many people, buying insurance with MASA is the best thing I could have ever done.

- J. Laas

P. Donathan

On September 21, 2020, I was seen in the emergency room at a local hospital and told I would be transported by ground ambulance to a hospital 2 hours away for emergency surgery. I filed my ambulance bill claim which was $1,162 with MASA and my bill was paid in full.

I am so grateful I had coverage through this company. I was a skeptic but now a total believer. I would recommend this service to anyone. Medical bills are very expensive, but with coverage through MASA, I can have confidence my ambulatory service needs may be met. Thank you MASA.

- P. Donathan

D. Solomon

What does MASA Global give me for my plan fee every month? Peace of mind. That’s what! The absolute best thing about being a member of [the] Medical Air Services Association is knowing that I can call for emergency transportation for my wife or even myself without worrying about being billed for the services that are not covered by our insurance. No more surprise bills!

It has been a while since my wife has fallen and required transportation to the hospital because I couldn’t get her up. However, the last time it happened, as they were filling out their paperwork and getting her stable in the ambulance, I gave them our insurance card and our MASA card and that was the end of it… bills to me.

Thanks for being there for us!

- D. Solomon

E. C. Obriant

On the morning of 10/27/2020 and again on 10/29/2020 I called 911 due to extreme pain on my left side. An ambulance arrived in about 10 minutes. The ambulance attendants gave me strong pain meds for a kidney stone. I had suffered 8 days without relief. I was transported to the nearest ER for further treatment… My claim is now paid in full.

This was the very first time I have ever needed to call 911 and I am very happy to have this service available to my wife and I. We have been charter members for over 2 years now and I know that if I ever need an ambulance again my out-of-pocket expenses will be covered… Thank You Nicole and thank you MASA Global for providing a great service to its members.

- E. C. Obriant