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What MASA Benefit Is Most Important to You?

Benefits vary depending on the plan selected

Here's a big-picture look at what MASA offers our members. Please note: Benefits described below aren't available on all plans. If you’re interested in purchasing a plan, please schedule a consultation to learn more about the plans that best suit your needs. If you’re currently a member, please refer to your Member Services Agreement (MSA) for your coverage by logging into your member portal.

COVID Quarantine Expense Protection

If a Member contracts COVID outside of the United States and is required to enter a mandatory quarantine, MASA will reimburse out-of-pocket expenses. This coverage includes accommodation, meals and airline re-booking.

Medical Payments Advisor

It’s no secret that medical bills are confusing and overwhelming. MASA’s professional advisors help Members coordinate communications to health insurers, verify policy enrollment, confirm medical benefits coverage, provide a medical expense outline and much more.

Hospital Private Room Upgrade

MASA will cover up to $1,500 per year in the event a Member needs a private hospital room after using their emergency transportation coverage.

Emergency Air Ambulance Coverage

In emergency scenarios where treatment is time-sensitive and specialized care is not available, MASA will cover members out-of-pocket expenses associated with emergent fixed-wing and rotary aircraft transport. All flights must be ordered by a first responder or transferring physician who deems air transport as medically necessary. This benefit is valid within the United States and Canada.

Emergency Ground Ambulance Coverage

MASA will cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred by ground ambulance transportation services resulting from a serious emergency to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility or suitable airport.

Hospital to Hospital Ambulance Coverage

If a member requires a specialized level of care that’s not available at their current facility, MASA will cover out-of-pocket expenses associated with hospital-to-hospital transportation. This includes transfer by a medically equipped, rotary or fixed-wing aircraft or ground ambulance.

Hospital to Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Long-Term Care or Home Transportation Coverage

Occasionally, high-level treatment is required after an emergency situation. MASA will cover up to $500 in the event a Member’s physician orders non-emergency ground transportation to a rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing facility, long-term care facility or hospice facility.

Repatriation to Hospital Near Home Coverage

If a member is hospitalized while away from home, MASA will fly them to a medical facility near their home to recuperate around family and in familiar surroundings.

Minor Return Transportation Coverage

When a Member’s grandchildren or great-grandchildren are left unattended as a result of a member needing ground ambulance transportation, MASA will provide one-way common carrier air transport for return of the children to the commercial airport nearest the place of residence of the children.

Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren Protection

MASA will cover out-of-pocket expenses for all the Emergency Shield Plan benefits for the Member’s grandchildren and great grandchildren (up to the age of 14) excluding Emergency Air Ambulance Coverage and Hospital to Hospital Ambulance Coverage.

Extended Hospital Stay Incidental Expense Coverage

If a member becomes hospitalized over 100 miles from home for an extended period of 7 days or more, MASA will reimburse up to $500 for incidentals incurred. This includes hotels, food, transportation and more.

Patient Return Transportation Coverage

Sometimes, emergencies arise while you’re on vacation. If an emergency occurs 100 miles away from home, MASA will cover a Member’s commercial flight back to their place of residence.

Companion Transportation Coverage

Nobody should have to experience an emergency situation alone. That’s why MASA covers a Member’s spouse, other family member or companion to accompany the Member if they need emergency transportation services.

Companion Return Transportation Coverage

Booking a last-minute flight is expensive. MASA will provide your companion with a ticket to return home from the nearest airport to where you are hospitalized.

Hospital Visitor Transportation Coverage

Accidents happen when you least expect them. If a member is hospitalized more than 100 miles away from home, MASA will provide a round-trip ticket and taxi expenses up to $200 for a family member to visit you during your hospital stay.

Vehicle & RV Return Coverage

After a Member is taken away from their vehicle or RV via emergency ground transportation, MASA will return owned vehicles to the member's residence or rental vehicles to the appropriate company. MASA will make all the arrangements and cover the costs of fuel, oil and driver.

Organ Retrieval & Organ Recipient Transportation

MASA will provide air transportation of an organ to be used in an organ transplant. We will also fly members to the commercial airport nearest the medical facility where an organ transplant is scheduled to happen.

Mortal Remains Transportation Coverage

In the event a member dies while away from his/her place of residence, MASA will return his/her remains to the commercial airport nearest his/her residence.

Nurse Helpline

In the event a medical condition arises while traveling internationally, MASA will connect a Member to a registered nurse for guidance.

Translation Services

In the event a member requires Emergency Air Transportation, Emergency Ground Transportation, Hospital to Hospital Air and Ground Transportation, Repatriation to Hospital Near Home, Patient Return Transportation or Mortal Remains Transportation while traveling internationally, MASA will provide professional translation services on your behalf.

Travel Advisor

If a member intends to travel internationally, MASA will provide the latest health and safety advice for that country.

Emergency Message Relay Center

Lifetime Members will be given access to our Emergency Message Center, where they can easily relay emergency messages regarding their health and safety to anyone while traveling internationally.

Foreign Currency Emergency Cash Advance

If a member requires emergency transportation during international travel and does not have the ability to access foreign currency, MASA will provide up to $50,000 USD. Members just provide evidence that they can reimburse MASA for the currency.

Travel Concierge Service

In the event an emergency happens abroad, we’ll assist with commercial airline scheduling, luggage retrieval, emergency visa acquisition and more.